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Hollywood Pyrotechnics - A New Philosophy

Hollywood Pyrotechnics Hollywood Pyrotechnics, Inc. (HPI) was founded with the primary focus of high energy, expertly done fireworks displays for outdoor, indoor or special effect needs.  HPI performs its exceptional displays in the Midwest of the United States.  With offices in St. Paul, Minnesota, Lincoln Nebraska and Madison Wisconsin, we have the ability to server your needs, today!  HPI also will perform displays in other areas of the World, upon special request.  Full service is the key to our success.  We take care of every need, large or small.  Call us today to find our more!

Hollywood Pyrotechnics, Inc. (HPI) is a leading importer of fireworks, including exceptional shells of the Traditional Chinese, Stylish Japanese, Heart Pounding Italian and Elegant Spanish styles.  Whatever the need, our award winning products from distributors like ProFormance Pyrotechnics have no equal.  Fireworks, like music and wine, need to be judges by quality, not quantity.  A great sympony is not created with 10,000 instruments playing random notes, nor is wine judged by the number of gallons available... but these instead are judged by their beauty of how the entire set of notes, or the fragrance and taste blend together.  It is the same with Fireworks, great products, used with great choreography can make a large impactful difference in the ending result of the display.... the emotions generated as a result.

Mira LaCous and Robert Rowe founded Hollywood Pyrotechnics after they each built up over 10 years of professional experience.  It is that experience that has set the foundation for new methods and stronger methods of display site design and preparation.  HPI is proud of a spotless safety record for our crew and our audience.  HPI is proud of our ability to setup and fire a display, rain or shine.  HPI has not missed a display for any cause! 

Fireworks are an important part of American History.  We have them tied to our countries most notable Holiday, the "4th of July", our Independance Day.  This is a time when the professional pyrotechnist shines, and show off their work for all proud Americans to see.  Fireworks are also a lasting memory of fairs, festivals, weddings, sporting events, concerts and much more.  Hollywood Pyrotechnics is here is serve all those needs.  We have the experience, the high quality firework products, the talented crews and the ability to meet your custom needs.  No two displays are alike.  This is an important factor when selecting a display... how tailored is it to your display site, your audience, your needs, and most importantly, your budget.  Hollywood Pyrotechnics customizes your displays to meet all the required elements.

If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is online:  We would be pleased to hear from you!  Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.


Contact use with details of your fireworks desire.  We will need to know the location, your desires for effects, intensity, colors, etc, as well as budgets and expected timeframes.   We tailor each display to your needs.  A Hollywood Pyrotechnics representive will help guide you through the options available. Click Here for more information.

Call      1-866-PYRO411  (1-866-797-6411) for more information

E-mail   information@HollywoodPyrotechnics.com for more information


Our services include Professional Firework Displays, from permits to cleanup.  We take care of it all.  We specialize in large choreographed firework displays for communities and 4th of July celebrations, as well as excellent displays for Fairs, Festivals and more.  We also do private displays for Weddings, Anniversaries, Product Launches, Grand Openings, and much more.  There are Indoor Pyrotechnics available for concerts, plays, coprorate events, and other needs.  Hollywood Pyrotechnics is also a Special Effects provider for film and TV, and other needs for bullet hits, explosions, weapon handling and much more.  Check our Services listing for all the detailed information.  Click Here for more information.

Hollywood Pyrotechnics is a proud supporter of the Pyrotechnics Guild International.

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