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Please contact us for infromation on a firework display or wholesale product needs. 

Try to give us information on the location, the date of the event, budget needs, overall desires for intensity, size of audience, distance to audience and any other factors that will help us get the best information possible in return. 

Call:     1-866-PYRO411   (1-866-797-6411)

E-mail:  Information@HollywoodPyrotechnics.com

Write:   1567 Antler Point, Eagan, MN  55122  USA

Fax:     651-454-7975 for Faxes only.


Industry Links

Following are some links to global or government organizations that relate to Fireworks.  Some we hold permits from, some we are licensed by and some we are partners with.

Pyrotechnics Guild International PGIPyrotechnics Guild International - A world wide guild for the advancement of fireworks.  Focus is training, educiation, and advancing the art of Fireworks.

International Fireworks Association IFAInternational Fireworks Association - An International organization of professionals focusing on improvements in manufacture, shipping and exportation of fireworks.

American Pyrotechics Association APAAmerican Pyrotechnics Association - An american focused organization focused on federal regulation and applicable safe practices and much more. 

Western Pyro ArtsWestern Pyrotechnics Arts - a club of Pyrotechnics on the western states of USA.

NFPANational Fire Protection Association - a highly educated group that develop the fire codes and related guidelines that many States adopt as law.  NFPA 1123, 1124 and 1126 are most notable for fireworks.

BBBBetter Business Bereau, Minnesota - A group of companies that live up to a standard of business and communciation.  A focus on excellent and honesty. 

BATFEBureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives - The primary Federal agency responsible for licensing and monitoring Fireworks providers.

US DOTUS Department of Transportation - Responsible for the moniroting of transportation and handling of Fireworks on America's roadways. 

Minnesota Fire marshalMinnesota Fire Marshal - Regulating agency for Minnesota storage and display licensing.

Proformance PyrotechnicsProformance Pyrotechnics, Pty Ltd.  - An award winning exportor of Fireworks from China, and for displays in all of Asia and Australia.  Hollywood Pyrotechnics is the exclusive USA agent for this exceptional brand of product.

PyromatePyromate Firing Systems - A leading firing system provider, and the primary one used by Hollywood Pyrotechnics. 

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