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Sports - Homecoming

Fireworks with Festival behind

High School and College sports events like Homecomings and other major events are great opportunities for fireworks.  The bright lights and loud atmosphere of a great sports event can only be enhanced with great fireworks. 

Imagine rockets soaring into the sky as the US National Anthem hits the "Rockets Red Glare" segment!  Then a string of heart pounding salutes as the home team runs onto the field.  Salutes at each touchdown of the Home team, signifying the importance of the event!  Then either a fabulous halftime or end of game show that will let people know the Home team is a force to be recondend with.  For small amounts of funding from Boosters or other local groups your Homecoming or other event can take a serious turn toward unbounded enthusiasm.  Don't let your school spirit be out done by the other schools having great fireworks, step up and see the difference! 


Professional Teams

Professional sports require fireworks for key points in the game, or to finish the game with a true winning style.  Look to Hollywood Pyrotechnics to produce the proximate fireworks for indoor or up close events, or the large outdoor fireworks for the open stadium with a grand firework need.  We can do it all, and do it each week, meeting your busy game schedules. 


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