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Wedding Fireworks!

Wedding FireworksWeddings are a great opportunity for fireworks.  Weddings are a time to really mark a day as "yours", and nothing does that better than fireworks.  Fireworks for weddings are commonly done in the early evening, after dinner, and before the dancing gets too far underway.  You do want to have time for your grandmother to see them!  You also want to be fresh for the great photos this opportunity holds!  Get your photographer ready, and queue us up for a great display that will knock your guests socks off... maybe even your spouse!

Most firework displays we do for weddings are a surprise.  That means the wedding party does not know about the fireworks.  In many cases either bride or groom does not know either.  This is a great moment when everyone is invted to the patio for a moon light toast.  At the appropriate time a trusted person gives the order of 'Fire, Fire, Fire" on a radio and up goes the show.  The spectacular effects and stunning presentation are sure to please all attendees  The surprise is one of the best forms of assuring a grand success and heart stopping emotions at the reception. 

Wedding Fireworks

Seeing the wedding party so entranced and so focused at such a great display is a true addition to a great evening.  More than many other 'extras' added to a wedding, fireworks are remembered for a long time.  We get calls from brides a year or more after the wedding saying they still hear about the fireworks from their friends.  How often does that happen for the table center piece, the silk chair backs, or the chocolate fountain.  Okay, maybe the chocolate fountain....

Another approach is to start with some sparklers on the patio.  These are the 'fireworks' that the wedding party have been expecting.  They are waving their sparklers and having a good time.  As the sparklers come to an end, the large fireworks start up and everyone is amazed at the timing, the beauty and the energy that the fireworks breaths back into the night.  Let the dancing begin!

Wedding Fireworks Hollywood Pyrotechnics takes care of all the details of the display.  We handle everything from permits to cleanup.  All you need to concern yourself with is the budget, the timing, the selection of the primary color theme and some of your favorite effects for us to include.  We take care of the rest!  Also, Hollywood Pyrotechnics has never missed a display for weather.  We can setup and fire rain or shine, snow or shine.  Yes, Winter is a great time for fireworks!

There are many great locations for fireworks at weddings.  Golf clubs, event centers, orchards, family farms and so many more.  The key thing to consider and assure is that there is enough open land for a safe and effective fireworks show.  We generally need 300 feet in all directions to be clear of homes, roads, cars, and yes people.  We can also perform fireworks from the water, on our own fleet of barges.  Got a great lake location, we can make it happen.

Just a short list of a few great locations int he Twin Cities that are perfect for fireworks include; Dolce Oak Ridge Center, Eagan Community Center, Mississppi Dunes Golf Links, Withrow Ballroom, and many, many more.  Sites that do not work for fireworks include the Carlson Towers, the University Club, the Downtown Marriot, and a few others.

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